Interior Design Trends 2022

Interior design trends 2022 are proving to be designs that would look great in your home or place of work. This year, style appears to be more at ease with long-lasting current trends, some retro styles making a return, and timeless classics that are still in style. With this variety, you’ll be able to design a home that’s both contemporary with fashion and timeless for years to come. Continue reading for our design experts’ hand-picked list of the top home décor and interior design ideas for 2022 that we know you’ll adore!

Multifunctional Spaces

The work-from-home era brought forth by the pandemic introduced an intriguing aspect of interior design: multifunctional spaces. And according to experts, a change in layout that allows for multifunctionality will constitute a significant home décor trend in the current year.

Additionally, open floor plans are probably going to lose favour and become obsolete. The primary goal will be to create single areas that could be utilised for a variety of functions.

This shift in interior design styles also helps with the “space dilemma,” an issue that many urban households are struggling with. Due to the fact that certain rooms are smaller or larger than others, having a few multipurpose places in the home is beneficial for maximising the usage of the other spaces.

Interior design trends 2022
Interior design trends 2022

Curved Lines

We’ll continue to see a lot of rounded furniture in 2022, including drum tables and ottomans, curved accent pieces, curved backs on chairs, sloped arms on couches , and rounded waterfall corners on desks and consoles.

However, curves and arches can be a sophisticated and elegant addition to any style of house. When I think of this trend, typically a boho style space comes to mind.

Curves definitely give a room instant individuality and a sense of softness and tenderness, whether you love or despise this style.

Arched doors, curved bar designs, and curved kitchen island worktops are just a few of the many curved architectural features that will be prevalent in homes in the current year.

Sunlit Spaces

Natural lighting is always in vogue. But as we move away from “once-cozy spaces” (like home theatres and game rooms) towards multipurpose, light-filled spaces in 2022, sunshine will become even more crucial.

As we know it, the media room and the conventional game room are merging into one room and going from an upstairs, dimly lit area to a downstairs, bright and sunny area.

Interior design trends 2022
Interior design trends 2022

Plants & Biophilic Design

Our enthusiasm for bringing the outside inside will persist, but in a more elegant way, in keeping with the tendency toward things inspired by nature. Large potted indoor trees, particularly lemon and olive trees, will take centre stage in the house.

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