Modular Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

Modular kitchens have grown in popularity as a desirable option to keep up with the current lifestyle as they offer a more organized and systematic kitchen layout. According to surveys, the demand for modular kitchens has increased by 300% in India in the past six months. The bestselling modular kitchens for contemporary homes as of 2022 are covered in this blog.

The kitchen is no longer solely used for cooking. Since it harmonizes with every other room in a house, it has become a favorite place for meeting.

Therefore, it’s essential to outfit a kitchen with complementary walls, practical designs, distinctive drawers, and contrasting color schemes & Art Ardor, as one of the top interior designers in Delhi/NCR feels it their responsibility to add a touch of class to every home we work in.

7 Elements of Luxury Interior Designs

1. U-shaped Modular Kitchen

U-shaped Modular Kitchen

People who want enough room in the kitchen and prefer a layout that is a little bit detached from the living space might go for a “U-shaped kitchen.” Additionally, it provides easy access to the dining area.

In order to make a home look more elegant, homeowners with enough space may also think about placing an island table in the middle. Families that enjoy eating dinner together and have more than 4 members frequently choose this option.

2. L-shaped Modular Kitchen

Because of their attractiveness and compactness, L-shaped kitchens have always been the preferred option among homeowners. Users can simply divide the kitchen and laundry areas based on their preferences.

Additionally, it becomes much simpler to assemble the various kitchen equipment and appliances. Multiple people can operate in the kitchen at once thanks to its L shape.

For convenient storage of groceries and other stuff, it has enough room for shelves, drawers, and large cupboards.

3. Parallel Kitchen Design

Parallel Kitchen Design

For compact spaces, parallel kitchen designs are ideal. Because the floor can be left empty, the kitchen is designed in the style of a gallery. A central walkway is created on the kitchen floor area.

Kitchen layouts with parallel walls effectively use them as a covering that extends to the ceiling’s peak. Homeowners who want a plug in a door or window in the kitchen will find it excellent.

4. Island Modular Kitchen

There is a counter area in the kitchen with this style of design. According to their needs and budget, owners are free to install any type of counter. It acts as a practical workspace for meal preparation and cleaning.

It can also function as a separate storage room that doesn’t encroach on the cooking space if it is equipped with cabinets. For small families, an island modular kitchen is a fantastic dining room option. With the aid of numerous lighting components, this bestselling modular kitchen of 2022 enhances its overall attractiveness further in terms of appearance.

5. Peninsula Modular Kitchen

Peninsula Modular Kitchen

Although peninsular kitchen designs and island kitchen designs are relatively similar, the size and placement of the island are noticeably different.

It functions as the home’s always-available dining space. The counter’s location is neither entirely outside nor entirely inside the kitchen. It also has a sink area, which gives the kitchen more room for food preparation.

Additionally, it enables multiple people to operate simultaneously in the kitchen. In homes with little space, the kitchen plan is particularly helpful. It is not important how the island is shaped because it can be created to fit the user’s needs and available space.

6. Matte Theme Kitchen

Among modern homeowners, it is one of the top-selling modular kitchen design. The surfaces’ matte texture gives the kitchen a sophisticated appearance. As the kitchen takes on a more commercial appearance, there are notable variances in neutral colors like white and grey.

The days when black was viewed negatively are long gone. Black is used in this style of kitchen design to blend in with the living space and give it a more appealing appearance.

7. Tropical Kitchen

Tropical Kitchen

The desire to blend in with nature has led to the popularity of tropical kitchen designs. It creates a relaxed atmosphere inside the home. The traditional style and decorative carvings on the wood that houses tropical plants are two of the interiors’ most striking features.

Beach houses and vacation homes are the ideal places for such a design. Different lighting fixtures make it simple to change the kitchen’s atmosphere and appearance.

Modern homes just cannot be built without modular kitchen ideas. There are many websites online where homeowners may buy or design their kitchens.

Art Ardor, a top interior designing company in Gurgaon, is a leading provider of custom-made modular kitchens that can fit in a vast area of homes. We provide modular kitchens for every budget and space.

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