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Today’s living rooms are simply that: the room where you live. It is the room where you do everything now. Living rooms are an essential part of your home. It is might be where you sit and watch T.V. with your family, it would be where you might host your guests, it might be where you sit for hours with your friends, or might just be the place where you sit and have a relaxing cup of coffee. Art Ardor design studio have collected these 7 tips and tricks from one of the top luxury interior designer in Delhi NCR, IN and best interior design companies.

Hence, it is so important to have a gorgeous living room. A beautiful living room can uplift the look of your house instantly. The top interior designers in Delhi are focusing so much on detailing living rooms to reflect the latest designs and mix them with your tastes, giving you your ideal living room.

According to the top luxury interior designers in Delhi NCR, comfort should be the first and foremost thing to be considered when designing an ideal living space. A major error people make when designing a living room, is that they add so many accessories and extravagant furniture, that it becomes stuffy.

You do not want to create a living space where you might not feel comfortable sitting. But what is an ideal living room? It is not just an amazing set of furniture and home decor. It is equally important to know how to style and arrange them comfortably yet really beautiful.

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Here Are 7 Tips to How You Can Create Your Perfect Living Room:

1. Define Your Focal Point:

What is that one piece in your living room that you want to be the eye catcher? It could be your couch, a painting on your wall, or your coffee table. It is important to have a focal point in your living room, when you decide what that is, you then have an idea on how to arrange your furniture to accentuate that focal point.

2. Create Varied Conversational Areas:

Luxury interior designers in Gurugram helps in giving fabulous ideas for interior of your residential and corporate spaces. Your living room is where you would host your guest, it also might be where you spend your family time. It is always nice to have varied conversational areas in your living room. It creates the image of more space and also allows people to spread out.

To create this, you can use different types of furniture, add chairs, ottomans, a swing. Use different pieces and add personality to your living room.

3. Outline The Area:

Outlining defines a space. Without the outline, it feels incomplete. Rugs are excellent to help with this. This will define your space.

4. Placing The Coffee Table:

A coffee table is the living room essential. But its placement is also extremely important. a good rule of thumb is to place it an arm’s length from your couch. This makes the coffee table accessible but not too close.

5. Layer Your Lighting:

When planning the room’s furniture layouts, the best Art Ardor home interior designers in Delhi prioritize natural light. Your living room should have the maximum amount of natural light possible.

After attesting that, the designer can move on to the lighting fixtures. Use different light sources. A great living room has both overhead lighting and lamps to accentuate the place. A good idea is to place fixtures in different directions so they can play off of each other to create an engaging environment and brighten up every dark corner.

6. Have Fun With Pillows:

Pillows and cushions are a great way to bring colour, personality, and texture into your living room. You should have fun picking out the different pillows and cushions to reflect your style and personality. But you can never go wrong with some bold and detailed cushions.

7. Add Personal Touches:

Accessories are not just trinkets to put here and there. They should speak about the style and personality of the people living there. By weaving these pieces into your living area, the place would truly feel like your home. Whether your pieces are gifts you’re your loved ones or something you picked out, they should an expression of you and what you love.

Art Ardor have collected these 7 tips and tricks from one of the top luxury interior designers in Delhi NCR and best interior designing company in Gurugram, So you can create a living room that is comfortable yet graceful.

Luxury Interior Designers In Delhi NCR
Luxury interior Designers In Delhi NCR

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What makes an interior luxurious?

You’ve just purchased a brand-new, upscale home or condo, and you can’t wait to put your aptitude for interior design to the test. But you’ll soon come to the realisation that you have no idea how or where to begin.

A luxury interior design might mean different things to different people. It might be a traditional room with chandeliers, boiserie, and thick drapes. Maybe it’s a luxurious lounge with accent chairs and linear sofas in an ultra-modern setting. Consider custom window coverings, unique paintings, and custom furnishings. A luxury environment emphasises having a distinctive appearance by including personalised elements that represent the greatest level of interior design. In addition to being an exercise in comfort and elegance, luxury interior design also serves as a means of self-expression.

What is luxury interior design style?

Modern Luxury design draws its inspiration from Modernism, which reflects a fuss-free way of life and is associated with a high level of living that is elegant yet simple. Its base is the clean, uncomplicated modern design style, which dates back to the late 19th century.

This design aesthetic is put together using a range of designs, colour schemes, furniture configurations, and ornamental elements. Even while a Modern Sumptuous interior may feature a range of luxurious textures and materials, occasionally just one well selected piece of furniture or decoration is all that is required to give a room an opulent look.

Does luxury mean high quality?
In contemporary interior design, luxury is evoked by creating a room that is carefully planned yet need not be excessive. Despite having a large budget, luxury in modern interior design involves merely using the most essential components. It is not overly designed and is both basic and complex.