What Are The New Decorating Colors & Styles For 2022

Don’t you think it’s time for some fresh air? When industry experts look ahead to 2022, they predict a design environment filled with hues that give us a feeling of well-being, serenity, and calm. The enlightening blues, delicate greens, and grounded earth tones nudge our interiors awake and point us
toward an upbeat future. The top paint and colour experts, like Farrow & Ball, Dulux, and Benjamin Moore, have all shared their predictions for the decorating colors of 2022. The choice denotes a move toward incorporating aspects of wellbeing into the home as well as optimism and hope for the future. Bright Skies by Dulux is light and airy blue, Sage by Benjamin Moore is a delicate shade of sage, and Breakfast Room Green No. 81 by Farrow & Ball are all joyful rainbow colours. If you’re planning to paint your house this year, you have landed on the right blog as we tell you about the 5 big interior colour trends for the year decorating colors of 2022.


Brighter colours that indicate a return to normalcy will be ours to enjoy in The bright and simple Babouche is ideal for embracing this since, despite being bold, it never feels garish or overwhelming. This shade of yellow is referred to as “subdued sunshine” and is named after the characteristic colour of the leather slippers worn by men in Morocco. Although it has a striking colour, it isn’t extremely bright or overwhelming, making it ideal for a bigger area where its cheeriness would be amplified. Choose less distracting bright colours or minimalist décor like line drawings with simple shapes.

Decorating colors of 2022
Decorating colors of 2022

Breakfast room Green: the cheerful shade

The jolliest of all the greens offered by Farrow & Ball, named for the east-facing rooms used for leisurely breakfasts in the early morning hours. This gentle colour symbolises the natural setting to which we have frequently resorted to during the pandemic. Many of us spent a significant portion of our time during the lockdown getting back in touch with our gardens and rediscovering our passion for the outdoors. This colour would be effective in fostering a sense of wellbeing in the home and complements plants, whether they are actual or depicted in art. For a visual recognisable impact, combine this colour with Stone Blue. Choose art that addresses well-being since it has a relaxing effect.

Stunning living room interior design

School House White

‘School House White,’ a delicate off-white tint, is intended to seem white in a shady environment. This colour invokes memories of old schools since it is subdued, ageless, and comfortingly familiar. This colour would go well with almost any other colour because of its neutral, grounded hue. It’s hard to go wrong with this particular shade of white as a backdrop for dramatic, large scale artwork or even vivid, statement rugs. If you want to combine different decorating colors of 2022 colour trends, this hue will also increase the strength of Babouche.

Decorating colors of 2022
Decorating colors of 2022

Incarnadine- The Comforting Red

Incarnadine is rich, cosy, and comforting. Traditional red and the laid-back Mediterranean spirit are both beckoned by this colour. Warm woodwork and hints of rustic gold would look fantastic with this colour. Instead, give it an edgy twist by combining it with a brilliant white colour.

Bright Skies: Blue

Any home is given new energy by this light and airy colour. When people apply this tone to their ceilings, it could be a game-changer, according to Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, who claims it causes the ceiling to “melt away.” This colour is appropriate for a joyful safe haven because it is upbeat and lively and yet calming and familiar. The pandemic’s aftermath, when many of us yearned for freedom, growth, and a return to nature, had an impact on Dulux’s decision. In a shift away from neutrals and toward colour, this shade has the potential to replace grey as the go-to colour

Decorating colors of 2022
Decorating colors of 2022

By pairing this glossy tone with a monochrome colour scheme, you can assert how contemporary it feels. Alternatively, you may go for opulence by using lots of velvet, dark forest greens or inky blues, and traditional antique furniture.

The theme for 2022 will be cheery and cosy. Don’t go overboard, but don’t restrict yourself either. Show off your preference for loud, colourful decor. Just keep in mind to maintain good equilibrium. So go forth and discover nature to build homes that are inspiring. In case you need some professional mentorship for your home makeover, we are just a call away

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