Our designs are a blend of simplicity and grace!


A stylish home decor is all about incorporating every little detail to its taste of those who live in them. In this, a new popular addition to that lineup is the cool home bar which is becoming more famous than before. So why to go to an expensive bar and restaurant and have fun when you can have it all at your own residence?

The home bar designs add values to homes and beauty. They can be inspired by various wonderful themes, styles, materials, textures, colors and create very intimate and meaningful, pleasant and comfortable place where you can relax and chill with your family and friends!


Your bedroom is a place where you feel the most comfortable and openly show your personality to yourself.

This is the place where you do what you want to do and it is the place where you disembark yourself when you come home and wake up every day. Your room makes you feel very comfortable in your own space, your own world!

Kids Room

A kid’s bedroom is their domain to play, create, study and relax. It’s a do-it-all space for the youngest members of the household, so it’s only right that these spaces demand perhaps the biggest creative input when it comes to decorating.

Kids will likely have quite a few ideas of their own when it comes to their rooms, not all of which you will agree with, but style doesn’t have to be compromised.

Mandir Hall

Pooja rooms are special areas within the house that are dedicated to meditation and spiritual worship to god.

The Pooja room itself brings positive energies into a home, although some people say that when designed correctly a Pooja room will enhance the positivity in the entire environment.

Concept Bedroom

Here’s another concept picture, the importance of having natural light in a room is an important aspect of designing homes.

One of the major reason to have direct sunlight in you room is, it boosts energy and strengthens organs.

Traditional Room

A combination of simplicity and casual fun is epitomised in this bedroom, perfect for a home. This bedroom is peaceful and soothing.

The wooden floors add to the natural theme, and the simple works of art creates a break from the white walls without taking away.

Luxury Bedroom

Your bedroom is the most intimate space in your home, so the design should be the truest reflection of your style.

Layering is every interior designer’s key to creating a luxury bedroom, starting with a bespoke bed to create a centerpiece for the room. From there, surround yourself with soft textures, coordinated colors, use of metal accents, pastel fabrics and an elegant floor to match the overall concept!

Lounge Room

This is where you wake to a new day. This is where you get your game face on and get to work and begin your job of caring for others.

This is where you return and reflect on how each day went… and you spend hours in this room sleeping and preparing for the next day. It’s an important space and needs priority attention.